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Marketing fees:

Spanish Property Eye complies with the Solicitors Regulation Authority's Code of Conduct 2011 regarding introductions. Spanish Property Eye operates a marketing fee system with our partner firms.  The level of fee varies depending upon the type of service provided and is invoiced by Spanish Property Eye to the partner firm on completion for the introduction of the enquiry.

Marketing fees are paid from our partner firms‘ office accounts and not from their client accounts. No marketing fees are paid for by you, the client, and do not affect the end amount invoiced to you as their client. Should you require any further information regarding this process or procedure please contact the partner firm in question and/or our Operations Team: 0845 2410073 or e-mail:

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How we help you - scope of service:

Upon receipt of your request, Spanish Property Eye arranges for our partner professionals, institutions and organisations to contact you directly with no-obligation advice, information and/or quotes. These may be for Spanish conveyancing, insurance products, property surveys, mortgages, removals, EPCs/CEEs, legal services etc.

Spanish Property Eye takes great care in selecting professionals to join its Spanish services panel by checking their professional status and certifications, however we cannot accept responsibility or liability as to the information / services provided by them or for their conduct of matters which are directly under their control. Nor can Spanish Property Eye be held liable for any loss/damages incurred by use of our partner firms services.

These service providers do not act under our supervision and are independent organisations.

When you decide to proceed with any of our partner firms your relationship, contract and correspondence is directly with them. However, we regularly monitor satisfaction levels and feedback from Spanish Property Eye users with regard to the quality of the service provided by its partners.

As part of our service, you do consent for the team at Spanish Property Eye to keep ‘in the loop’ with the progress of your case / order so that  - if need be - we can intervene to assist you further with obtaining additional information / clarification from any of our partner firms, at any time you require this help from us.

Where service providers breach service level agreements, are negligent or significantly fail to meet client standards the service provider will be placed on notice as per the terms of Spanish Property Eye’s  service level agreements. To provide feedback regarding any partner firm please contact: 0845 2410073 or e-mail:
Data Protection:

Spanish Property Eye, a trading name of Legal Marketing Experts UK Ltd, is registered with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) - registration number Z2375608 - and complies with the Data Protection Act.  Spanish Property Eye may use your information in a variety of ways including but not limited to: assisting you to obtain access to our partners’ full range of services, keeping you updated as to new products and services and developing additional products and services.

For more detail as to how we use your information please visit the ICO website here: or contact our Operations Team: 0845 2410073 or e-mail:
All of our partners are quality checked, insured and registered with the relevant bodies for risk and
compliance purposes and your total peace of mind.

Five fast Spanish Inheritance Tax facts

- Unlike in Britain, in Spain there is no exemption from Spanish Inheritance Tax between husband and wife. A tax form must be completed and the taxes paid within 6 months of death.

-  The inherited property cannot be sold or used as collateral to secure a loan/mortgage in order to pay the Spanish Inheritance Tax bill. Both of these two actions would require a change of ownership from the deceased’s name into the inheritor’s name(s) to be made to the escritura (Property Deeds) by the Land Registry. This cannot be carried out whilst there is an outstanding Spanish Inheritance Tax bill associated with the property.

- Common law partners or spouses and very distant relations/associates come off the worst. Common law partners or spouses are not recognised in Spanish law and so are classed as non-relatives. This means that they are not allowed any allowances so are taxed at the highest rate of Spanish Inheritance Tax (double that of married partners).

- In Spain it is the heir who is taxed and not the estate.

- Spanish Inheritance Tax will be calculated on the relationship of the heir to the deceased, which will affect the amount of the inheritance he/she receives.

These are just some of the important exemptions to take into account when planning for Spanish Inheritance Tax, which applies to each inheritor not to the total estate.

Many British owners of Spanish property are totally unaware of the above facts resulting in added stress, financial problems and bureaucratic difficulties for loved ones. By taking our expert Spanish Inheritance Tax advice and acting in advance now, you can be assured that you and those you care for can rest easy knowing everything is in place when the time comes.

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