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When making a Spanish Inheritance Tax reclaim it’s critical to note that:

The European Commission has already taken action against Spain for discrimination concerning inheritance tax law.

Under Spanish law you are entitled to claim back from the authorities excess taxes levied against you. None of our partner’s reclaiming clients since 2007 have experienced any undue consequences.

You can only claim once. Wrong legal advice could ruin your chances of success - always ensure you’re working with an expert law firm

Not every tax adviser or lawyer in Spain is specialized in EU law. Your claim must be defended individually in Court (class actions are not allowed in Spain) and be based not only on domestic but also on international law.

The final decision will be held by either the Spanish High Court of Justice or the European Court of Justice.

Claims made only in front of the Spanish Tax Office will not be valid – your case must go to Court and all legal steps and deadlines must be respected.

Spanish Inheritance Tax reclaims - no win, no fee…

September 2014 saw a landmark European Court of Justice ruling which now paves the way for thousands of non-resident British citizens to seek a refund of Spanish Inheritance Tax that they may have overpaid. The ruling applies to any British or other non-Spanish nationals who are non-resident in Spain and who have previously paid Spanish Inheritance Tax in the past four years.

If you or anyone you may know have paid Spanish Inheritance Tax fall into the above criteria then our legal partner experts can help you recover almost 100% of the taxes you have overpaid.

The full Reuters news story relating to the Spanish Inheritance Tax ruling can be read here.
Why choose our Spanish Inheritance Tax legal partners to help you…

No-win, no-fee basis  - absolutely no risk to you

They have successfully recovered taxes for almost 1,000 EU citizens in similar tax claims against the Spanish State (testimonials available)

They base their legal action on the fact that the Spanish Inheritance laws are discriminatory against non-residents and  are against the rules of the EU Treaty and now the new European Court of Justice ruling

The professional team is a combination of highly experienced lawyers specialising in Spanish Tax Reclaims and European tax legislation together with a professional Customer Care Team

They provide you with a complete service that covers the entire Spanish Inheritance Tax reclaim process from start to finish - everything from free, no obligation assessment of your claim right through to receiving monies into your bank account is included

To reclaim your Spanish Inheritance Tax overpayment you must take action quickly. Due to legal time limits your reclaim may expire…

Spanish Property Eye is now assisting affected British citizens to pursue their refund claims and are ready and able to help you too.

To make a free, no-obligation enquiry please simply e-mail: with details of;

The date you paid  your Spanish Inheritance Tax  bill

Your residency status at the time of paying your Spanish Inheritance Tax bill

Region of Spain that you paid Spanish Inheritance Tax in

Total Spanish Inheritance Tax you had to pay

Our partner law firm will then make contact with their  free, no-obligation assessment of whether you have a claim for Spanish Inheritance Tax reclaim and to discuss next steps.
Enquire regarding your possible Spanish Inheritance Tax reclaim here

Ensure you choose an expert…

Do you require Spanish Inheritance Tax Planning and Wills Advice?

Visit our Spanish Inheritance Tax Planning and UK and Spanish Wills Services page here

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