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Spanish Inheritance Tax.
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Spanish Inheritance Tax.
Spanish Wills & Probate.
Spanish Inheritance Tax FAQs .
Other Spanish Legal Services.
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We understand that Spanish property law and Spanish Inheritance Tax for non residents or residents is a daunting and confusing area for many individuals and couples with property in Spain. In particular, Spanish Inheritance Tax isn’t always one of the first things that many people with property in Spain consider when purchasing their Spanish property. After all, who likes to dwell upon the prospect of their own or their partner’s demise when you’re in the midst of the excitement that comes from realising  the purchase of your dream home or investment property in Spain? However, it is a sad fact that every year many British and other nationalities are faced with the additional, traumatic reality of what is sometimes a more sizeable Spanish Inheritance Tax bill than expected, at what is already a very upsetting time. Very often many surviving partners have underestimated or not made any plans in advance for the Spanish Inheritance Tax bill that they will face. In particular British citizens make the mistake of assuming that Spanish Inheritance Tax Law is the same as British Inheritance Tax Law, which is far from the case. This can result in serious financial consequences for those left behind and their future life plans.

Frequently, steps could have been taken BEFORE the sad circumstances of a partner or loved one passing away that would have ensured that the Spanish Inheritance Tax liability left to those inheriting the Spanish property was manageable and planned for, and in some cases kept to a bare minimum.

Our expert Spanish Inheritance Tax lawyers will help you and those you care about avoid that added stress and financial worry BEFORE it happens, ensuring that despite unhappy circumstances yours or your loved ones liability for Spanish Inheritance Tax is planned for and limited to the lowest possible levels. By requesting our expert Spanish property law, Spanish Inheritance Tax and Spanish Wills assistance NOW you can rest assured that your Spanish property and other aspects of your estate will be passed on to your partner, spouse, children or whomever you choose in accordance with your wishes when the time comes. We will answer all of your Spanish Inheritance Tax questions for free - just use our form here - and advise you on the best course of action for your circumstances.
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